ADAS Software grants the dealership the right to use its software (ADAS System) on condition that the Serial Number on the dealership’s ADAS system matches the Serial Number of the dealership as recorded with ADAS Software. Each computer that has ADAS installed at a specific dealership requires the same User License. If a dealership has more companies where the ADAS System is required, even at the same site (such as for wholesaling), a different User License will be required for each ADAS System.


  • Includes only first-time on-site or remote installation and registration on a main computer and/or existing local area network (LAN).
  • Includes only first-time on-site simultaneous training for a maximum of 3 users. Please note that users/trainees must have a working knowledge of WINDOWS as well as knowledge on the operating procedures of their dealership.
  • Must be paid in full before or on the day of installation and is non-refundable.


  • Includes one ADAS User License for the dealership for a total of three users.
  • This license functions on a monthly subscription basis and does not function on a “pay-as-you-use” basis, cancellation of your subscription is required if the dealer wishes to cancel their monthly subscription (see Cancellation Policy below).
  • Includes ADAS System updates via the Internet.
  • Includes ADAS -ONLY support telephonically and/or remotely via TeamViewer or AnyDesk (please see below under Support what support is not included as part of the standard User License subscription fee).
  • Is subject to an increase on an annual basis.
  • Payments made for subscriptions longer than 1 month are non-refundable once paid. In the event of the dealership wanting to cancel their subscription, for whatever reason, earlier than the next Expiry Date any monies paid are non-refundable.
  • Not included in the standard ADAS Subscription User License:
    • More than 3 users/workstation – a Multiple User Fee will apply for each user above the standard 3 users.
    • On-site ADAS System updates – if an ADAS Software agent is requested to be called out to a dealership to perform an update, additional costs will apply.
    • Other value-added services such as export to Pastel, stock feeds to 3rd parties, website development and hosting, digital marketing, backups, cloud servers etc. – additional set-up and monthly fees will apply.
    • By subscribing to- and paying additional fees for other value-added services, the dealership gives permission to ADAS Software to obtain a Dealer Code for the dealership from third party vendors, for feeds to or from the ADAS System.


  • Procedure:
  1. Contact ADASOFT telephonically (see contact details below) to log a problem or need.
  2. ADASOFT will then divide the problem into one of the following four categories:
    1. A hardware problem (i.e., a physical problem with the computer);
    2. A computer software problem (such as with Windows or Office);
  • A network/Internet problem; or
  1. An ADAS problem/need (i.e., assistance that is needed with ADAS itself).
  1. Any hardware, software or network/Internet problems are the responsibility of the dealership and not that of ADAS Software. ADAS Software can; however, assist the dealership with referrals to other relevant support consultants.
  2. All ADAS-related issues on computers already installed with the ADAS System will be attended to telephonically or remotely via TeamViewer or AnyDesk. If the need is a request for an ADAS Software agent to be sent to the dealership, for example for training, it will be arranged between the agent and dealership at an additional cost.
  • Support Needs NOT Included in the standard ADAS User License (charged separately):
  • Traveling, car rental and/or accommodation costs for ADAS installations, training and/or support outside Gauteng.
  • New installation or re-installation of the ADAS System on a computer (for example on a new computer, replacement computer, or on a computer that has crashed or was wiped etc).
  • Training of new staff.
  • Transfer of the ADAS Server.
  • ADAS System data exportation into Pastel or other account software.
  • Webpage maintenance or hosting


  • Backups of your ADAS Database is the responsibility of the dealership and not that of ADAS Software; HOWEVER, we do offer backup solutions, please contact our agents for more information about these solutions.
  • It is recommended that a responsible employee or Disaster Recovery Officer (DRO) should be tasked with monitoring that the dealership’s computer-related data, the ADAS Database included, are in order and backed up every day. The DRO must contact ADAS Software as soon as a problem/disaster is detected.
  • ADAS Software provides both Local & Cloud Backup Facilities to enable the DRO to do the backup tasks automatically and easier.
  • It is also the responsibility of the dealership to ensure that any user or IT consultant contact ADAS Software BEFORE any major changes are performed on the main computer where the dealership’s data resides. This must be done so that a backup can be made before the changes are performed (such as re-installing Windows or formatting etc.).
  • Backups are dependent on many factors (such as internet access, human error, and computer availability); therefore, ADAS Software cannot take any responsibility for data lost or backups not being performed.


  • ADAS Software requires cancellation of the dealership’s ADAS System subscription in the form of written notice of cancellation sent 1 month prior to the Subscription Expiry Date of the dealership’s ADAS System sent to
  • In the case where a dealer has fallen behind on payments the dealer is still liable for the outstanding amount and is required to pay the subscription up to date to receive a new Validation Code and continue with the ADAS System. If, however, the subscription is not paid for over 3 months, ADAS Software will regard the current subscription as cancelled.
  • If the Dealer wishes to use the ADAS System again after 3 months of non-payment OR cancellation, the dealer will be required to pay an initial fee together with a month’s subscription.
  • For clients who have cancelled their ADAS subscription but still want to access to their information or data on ADAS for lookup, queries, reports, etc. purposes there is a ADAS User License Look-Up option at an extra cost:
    • In this case ADAS Software will be set-up in such a way so that previous data can be accessed but no new data can be added.
    • This option does not include any support and is payable in advance.


ADAS is owned by ADAS Software and is protected by South African copyright law. If the dealership’s ADAS User License Fee is paid, the dealership may use the ADAS System for business purposes only. Notwithstanding non-payment or whether an agreement is in effect or not, the dealership may not rent or lease or re-sell the ADAS System or make it available to other dealerships.


In accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) it is important to us to respect and protect your dealership’s personal information to the best of our ability. Already being a client of ADAS Software means that your personal information has already been captured on our database. In compliance with our obligations under the POPIA, we would like to assure you that all your details (names, email addresses etc) are stored safely on our database. By paying your subscription with ADAS Software your dealership accepts that ADAS Software can use your information only what it is intended for and not for any other purpose. Should you have any queries or concerns related to how we are using your personal information, please contact us.


  • If a client requests a specific change to be made to their dealership’s ADAS system, it is possible; however, changes cannot be made immediately, especially major changes. Major changes for a specific dealership will be quoted for separately, unless it is also required for all other clients in which case the changes will be provided with the next software update as soon as is possible.
  • ADAS is a vehicle stock administration system focusing on vehicle sales. It is NOT an accounting system, and it does NOT manage workshops, parts or warranties (yet).
  • It is the responsibility of the dealership to make use of anti-virus software to protect their computers and data.
  • It is the responsibility the dealership to use an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) on all computers to prevent data loss during power failures. Surge protectors are also suggested to provide protection against lightning and power surges.

By paying the ADAS User License Fee, over any amount of time, the dealership agrees to these terms and conditions.