Adas Software CC Special Covid-19 Repayment Agreement
Please complete the form to arrange your special payment option.

    I agree to reimburse Adas Software CC (reg no: 2010/136726/23) any and all outstanding amounts that may result due to unpaid invoices as a result of the Covid-19 Lock-down in the Republic of South Africa instituted by President Ramaposa on 27 March 2020. I/we agree to repay the full amount owed in equal sums spread over a period of 3 or 6 months from the time when lock-down ends in addition to our usual monthly Adas User License Fee.

    Once I/we have signed this agreement, I/we am responsible for all outstanding amounts on all invoices, from27 March 2020, even if I/we should cancel my/our Adas User License subscription for whatever reason. `

    Should Adas Software run out of the necessary funds to run their business effectively; they reserve the right to take steps to recover moneys owed by your dealership.

    Thanks from the Adas Team