ADAS is now available on the Cloud!

This is a cloud-based server that will store your ADAS Database so that all your data is saved in one location off-site. A dealer can now manage their ADAS system from anywhere on most devices 24/7. All that is required is a good Internet connection and a 30 – 50 Mbps speed line. Also included is an automatic backup of your ADAS Database that is made daily and stored safely on a separate ADAS Cloud Server.


  • ADAS Installation and Set-Up Fee= R550.00 (once-off)
  • User Installation, Set-Up, and Link-Up Fee = R150.00 (per user once-off)
  • ADAS Cloud Server Fee (backup Facility included) = R250.00 (1-3 users per month)
  • ADAS Cloud Server Fee (4+ users) = R35.00 (add per user per month)



(Cloud Server-to-Cloud Server)The ADAS CLOUD SERVER BACKUP facility forms part of the ADAS Cloud Server setup (please see above) where a backup of the ADAS Database is performed daily and automatically from the cloud server to a separate ADAS Cloud Server.

Advantages: Limitations:
  • A backup is being performed off-site daily.
  • The backups of the last two months will be saved.
  • No manual checks need to be performed since ADAS Software will be notified daily by email if the Backups were done or not.
  • The speed at which the server is experienced by the
    user depends on the connection speed of the user.
    Therefore, it is important to ensure that your Internet
    connection speed is adequate (30 – 50 Mbps).


  • Dealer’s database backup is included as part of the ADAS Cloud Server Fees as mentioned above.
  • Backup Recovery Fee = R550.00