Adasoft Admin Page
Download and Install
Follow these steps

A. Uninstall Rdp Wrapper

B. Download termserv.dll

C. Stop the service

  1. Open admin command prompt window (search CMD, right click, run as admin)
  2. type net stop termservice and press enter
  3. Leave window open to start service later (optional)

D. Move new DLL file

  1. Open Explorer, type system32 to go to the system32 folder.
  2. Search and find termsrv.dll
  3. Open the file’s properties.
  4. Go to Security.
  5. Click Advanced.
  6. Click Change next to owner.
  7. Type your username and press enter.
  8. Press Ok.
  9. Back in the security tab (step 4) Click Edit.
  10. Under Group or user names Click on your username
  11. Check the Allow Checkbox next to Full Control.
  12. Press OK.
  13. Drag and drop the new termsrv.dll File into the system32 folder. (found here, same link as found in issue #721)
  14. When prompted to replace, hit yes.
  15. Now we want to change the settings back. Note that this is optional, but better for security.
    16 Follow the same steps to get to the window in step 11.
  16. Under your username, uncheck modify and write.
  17. Press Ok.
  18. Follow the same steps to get to the window in step 7.
  19. Now type in NT
     to make TrustedInstaller the owner again.
  20. Press Ok.
  21. Done!

E. Start the service

  1. If you didn’t leave the admin window open, open a new one.
  2. type net start termservice and press enter
  3. Enjoy RDP